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I just created an RSS feed of my /now page! I haven't been very active in my blog, but I've kept updating this, so subscribe if you want see what I'm up to!

I've been working on a redesign of my first app, a Task Manager called "Solid Focus". It's looking pretty nice, I can't wait to release it :D.

I've been working on for more than 5 years, and sometimes people ask me why. If you've also wondered that, here's my answer:

I always talk about Ramen, but up until recently I hadn't cooked it myself. Some months ago, I finally did it and I'm quite happy with the results :D.

Of course, I've still got a lot to improve, but it came out pretty decent πŸ™ˆ.

Here's the recording of my second talk at the Symposium.

I found about CRDTs and local-first some years ago, and they fit perfectly with the way I wanted to build apps. In this presentation, I share how I applied them to Solid. Check it out!

In case you missed last week's Symposium, here's my first talk!

It is about Developer Experience, a topic dear to my heart. I talk about the tools I've created and what's important for Solid DX overall. Let me know what you think!

This slide from the SolidLab session says a lot about the Solid Ecosystem and what I struggle with the most as an app developer

"use your privilege for common good" Love this closing line from @csarven's presentation! It's great to finally see him live :)

If you're interested in the full recount of my experience going through the course, you can read it in my website:

I finally completed Josh W Comeau's course, and I have to say it's the most comprehensive course I've ever seen. It should be required material for anyone working with CSS (I'm not kidding).

And to top it off, it's super fun!

100% recommend:

Reminder that next month I'll be attending the 2nd in Belgium. And I can now confirm that I'll be giving not one, but two talks! One about Developer Experience, and another one about Local-first CRDTs.

The registrations are open, I'm looking forward to meet you there :).

The benefits of interop are greater than the convenience of not caring about standard formats.

robustly-secured data that can surprisingly vanish at a moments notice

I just posted an update about the work I'm doing on my framework to make Solid Apps, Aerogel.

I recently started rebuilding my first Solid App, and I tell you how that's going and my typical development workflow. check it out!

In a couple of months, I'll be attending the 2nd Solid Symposium in Leuven, Belgium. I missed it last year, but I'm looking forward to attending this one! I'll also participate in a session on CRDTs (and maybe one on DX), it should be fun :D.

After years of fruitless pursuit, I finally got my hands on some stickers at !! Thanks to the @NGIZero folks :D.

If we ever meet and you want one, let me know; I'll be glad to share them :).

I realize I didn't post it before; here you can find some of the talks I'll be attending and what else I'll be doing at

> Every interoperable app becomes a super-app.

What does it mean to own your data? Can you have it and still not have it?

I'll be attending FOSDEM in a couple of weeks, let me know if you're around in Brussels and want to meet :).

In this talk, @aveltens nails THE most important point of Solid. We don't need a killer app, we need an ecosystem of apps that work together!

Owning your data is cool and all, but these experiences show the true power of Solid.

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