#fosdem 2019:


on the concluding slide:

"solid needs a diverse community in order to succeed"

"Let's assemble the brightest minds from business, technology, government, civil society, the arts, and academia to tackle the threats to the Web's future"

it looks to me like there's a contradiction

@tgall Why is it a contradiction? Can't the brightest minds be made up of a diverse community?

If it's only the brightest then it's not diverse. Do we only let the brightest vote? Who decides who are the brightest? I may be nitpicking but then again maybe not.

@tgall Well I don't even agree with the idea of "brightest minds" existing at all, what I understand with that statement is that they want "experts" to apply their expertise to Solid, from whatever field they come from.

I'm sure they welcome anyone as part of the conversation and to join the community.

But anyways what do I know, you should ask them :) I've been asking questions on their gitter channel and they are usually very responsive.

The subject can get political but then the web and the way it works is necessarily political. That's why I'm sceptical of 'experts' or the 'brightest' and I think loaded words like that are best left out of talks which are essentially calling for more participation.

@tgall I agree with you, but what I understand is more simple like that. They want people to start using Solid. To make Solid apps, people need to know how to code. And yes, anyone can learn to code. But that's what I mean with "expertise", you need to have some experience to start making apps.

Maybe they could have phrased it better.


I would say that the average users and developers that have stumbled into UI and authentication issues have been very helpful.Β  And there are many issues that have yet to be worked out. The use cases they will bring will help enhance or even redesign it, and they need that perspective.

Also I think if people in general are going to maintain control over machines then it would be best for more people to learn how to do that. How that is done has changed a lot (I started with 8080 and then 370 assembly language) and will change a lot more still. How it changes is everybody's business.

@tgall Yeah I agree with you, I'm just not interpreting their words to go against that.

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