@daibarnes @dajbelshaw listening to the TIDE podcast, I'm wondering about what you mentioned on interview practice. I agree that it's useful, but I dread interviews so much. Not the interviews, but all the "work" related with applying (looking for offers, learning about the company, preparing a cover letter/introduction email, going to the interview if it's in person, etc). What's your opinion on that? Or do you think it's ok to apply without any preparation if it's "just for practice"?

@noeldemartin @daibarnes I think you should prepare for *any* application and interview with 100% effort. If not, then you're giving yourself a get-out-of-jail-free card if you don't get selected. "Oh, it's because I didn't try very hard with that one".

Years ago, I wrote a guide for teachers applying for jobs which might have more widely-applicable advice?

@dajbelshaw @daibarnes Yeah I agree, that's why I don't do interviews just for practice, but maybe I should.

I'll check that guide out, thanks!

@noeldemartin @dajbelshaw colleagues of mine suggested it. I think it's about preparing yourself to be good in the panel situation etc. to take the pressure off. I would never attend an interview, practice or otherwise, feeling under-prepped. All you mention is important. Ultimately you cannot expect to be so awesome that you can force their hand. Often the requirements can be so broad that you have no idea what they are after.

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