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@noeldemartin Hope you don't mind me already playing around with Media Kraken before the big announcement, but as a heads-up, I got an error immediately after signing in with my Pod...

@vinnl Hey thanks for checking it out, of course I don't mind :). Hmm can you check with a different browser or doing a hard refresh? I've tried with my own deployment of node-solid-server and, so maybe it's something I can't reproduce in my environment. You can also log in with "use browser storage" and you can export your data in JSON-LD, which can be imported later on to your POD using the same app. At least you could play around with it until that problem is fixed.

@noeldemartin Yep, works beautifully without Solid. I can only reproduce it in Firefox; Chrome seems to work fine.

@vinnl That's strange, because I use Firefox as my main browser :/. What version and what OS are you using? I have 78.0.2 on Ubuntu. It's working for me even in the DuckDuckGo browser on Android, so I don't think it has anything to do with the browser, maybe there's some caching shenanigans going on with a corrupted file or something.

@noeldemartin Corrupted file seems unlikely, since it works with the same Pod in Chrome. I'm using 78.0.2 on Ubuntu (20.04) as well. I'm guessing it's somewhere in my privacy-related config: I've got Tracking Protection enabled, and run Temporary Containers, Privacy Badger and uBlock Origin.

@vinnl Yeah I meant some corrupted JS in the client. I also have those blockers but I don't use containers, although I was intending to start at some point! So I guess this is a good excuse :). Thanks for the feedback, I'll let you know if I can reproduce it.

@vinnl Hey, I just released a new version with opt-in error reporting, if you want to try again in Firefox adding `?error_reporting=on` to the url maybe I can get more info about that problem. If you do it, make sure that trackers are not blocking requests to Sentry and also check that it's using v0.1.3 (I've added the version number to the loading screen as well).

@noeldemartin Done! The request to Sentry returned an ID of 36cdac11e83d41da9e68230b6dec7e3f, in case that's helpful.

@vinnl I got the error report but it doesn't tell me anything that I didn't see in that screenshot already :(. It is really strange because that looks like a syntax error and I should be getting the same since we have the same environment. I still have to try using the containers setup to see if I can reproduce it that way.

For what it's worth, the error originates in a line in the Worker preceded a comment mentioning the buffer module:

> The buffer module from node.js, for the browser.

I also wonder if it might have to do with my trying it before? I just tried it with a Pod that I didn't use it with earlier, and that worked just fine.

If you tell me your WebID I can give you read access to the /Movies Container, maybe you can see something weird in the data?

@vinnl That's interesting, how can I read your data from my webId? My WebID is `

Here's another idea, try logging in in this dev deployment. The JS is not minimized so maybe you can see a different error.

@noeldemartin Alright, if you log in with that WebID you should be able to see

Could you enable source maps for the Netlify deployment? Currently I just see an error being thrown in the Generator polyfill.

@vinnl Nice, I didn't know you could do that with Solid :D I've looked at your data and I didn't see anything out of the ordinary :/

I enabled source maps, but I haven't used any Generator so maybe it's something in a dependency. The entry point for the worker thread is here

@noeldemartin That's the wonderful and also horrible world of ACLs :)

Async/await builds on Generators, so presumably it's an async function? Unfortunately 0.worker.js doesn't provide much of a clue, and the call stack only goes as far as the error handler in bootstrap.ts...

Doing some random uninformed debugging: putting a breakpoint on this line breaks before throwing the error, but a breakpoint on the line after is never reached:

@vinnl That line finishes properly because the progress message was updated in your screenshot, so it's probably something happening inside resolveMediaContainers. That has a lot of Solid stuff going on, so it's also possible that the error is in some of the libraries I've used for the Solid interaction. I'll try to make a build without the worker thread and let you know, maybe that'll at least be more specific with the error.

Thanks for looking into this!

@noeldemartin had some certificates issues that just got fixed, and now Media Kraken works properly again! :)

@vinnl 😱 What's interesting is how little that error told us about certificates :/ In any case, I have planned to improve error handling in the next iteration (which honestly, I hadn't paid much attention to 😅).

I'm glad that it's fixed :D

@noeldemartin To be honest, just before the certificate fix I got the latest version of Firefox, and it did list the certificate error in the console just before the JS error, so the console might've been a little bit more helpful :)

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