@craigmaloney Great read! For anyone else reading the thread: what's a good suggestion for providing a RSS feed for your website that's simple to implement? Is there any way to do it on a Github/Gitlab page?

@andycuccaro @craigmaloney That depends on how your page is generated - in the end, it's just a bunch of files that are made available. On GitHub Pages, you're likely using Jekyll, and all you need to do is enable the jekyll-feed plugin: pages.github.com/versions/

@andycuccaro @vinnl You're both fixing a problem for an author that isn't on Mastodon and will never read this solution.

@craigmaloney @andycuccaro @vinnl I agree with the problem, but at least in this example there is light at the end of the tunnel! Github has built-in functionality to generate RSS feeds, so you don't need to contact the author of that blog.

Subscribe to this url: `github.com/{user}/{repository}/commits/{branch}/{path-to-file-or-folder?}.atom`

It is not ideal, but I use it for a couple of repositories and it's better than nothing.


@craigmaloney @andycuccaro @vinnl And funny enough, I've been for holidays a couple of weeks and there is no way I'd had read this blog post without your RSS feed :).

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