Today makes 10 years since I started my journey as a developer! Here's what it's been like and what I've learned.

@noeldemartin 4-day workweek gang 😎

You also made me think when you said "Write good code" — as a programmer, having a clear picture of what code you consider good is probably important when trying to "Be a team player", as it helps you communicate and align with your collaborators.

I'll be pondering it some more, but for now I think for myself I think I'd define it as "code that makes the right trade-offs".

@noeldemartin Oh, and this must be the first time that a toot of mine got mentioned outside of the Fediverse 😎

@VincentTunru Nice, I didn't know you also had a 4-day workweek :D.

And yes, I saved that toot when I saw it because I knew it'd come in handy :). I totally agree with it.

@VincentTunru I just learned a new term that may be useful (as long as it doesn't become a target), "cyclomatic complexity". Not sure how easy it is to calculate, though.

@noeldemartin I think there's an ESLint plugin that calculates it for you. It hasn't ever led to a code quality improvement for me though; most people have a natural tendency to minimise the amount of branching that's going on, so the only cases it caught were the rare ones where the data model inherently involved lots of branching.

(Well, except in the mashlib code base, but there it is quite low on the list of important things that need fixing 😅 )

@noeldemartin nice to read about your experiences, and learn that you play music. congrats on your first decade :)

@rosano Thanks :) Well, I played guitar but I haven't played for a while now. I'll probably pick it up at some point... It may take more than 10 years though, because I have many other things I want to do now xD

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