Today makes 10 years since I started my journey as a developer! Here's what it's been like and what I've learned.

@noeldemartin 4-day workweek gang 😎

You also made me think when you said "Write good code" β€” as a programmer, having a clear picture of what code you consider good is probably important when trying to "Be a team player", as it helps you communicate and align with your collaborators.

I'll be pondering it some more, but for now I think for myself I think I'd define it as "code that makes the right trade-offs".

@noeldemartin Oh, and this must be the first time that a toot of mine got mentioned outside of the Fediverse 😎


@VincentTunru Nice, I didn't know you also had a 4-day workweek :D.

And yes, I saved that toot when I saw it because I knew it'd come in handy :). I totally agree with it.

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