One of the reasons why I am working with Solid is that it embraces interoperability as one of its core values. But there is a lot of nuance about what that looks like in practice. In this blog post, I share my thoughts on the topic.

@noeldemartin afraid I broadened the scope of the topic a bit in response to another reaction on the forum thread 😳

But where it relates to #interoperability is that imho all the social aspects of people 'interoperating' during the specification process are key to the success of the #Solid project as a whole.

Do people broadly understand the objectives, the process? Are they involved and engaged? Does it address their needs?

I find it hard to gauge if this is well addressed in #SolidProject.


@humanetech cool, thanks for letting me know :D

I still have to read your response in the forum, but I think it's ok to talk about that, you can't always separate tech from people. If it goes too much off topic you can always branch into a new topic.

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