It's here!

After working on it for a long time, I'm finally ready to release my new app: Umai 😋️

Can't wait to see your recipes 👨‍🍳️

@noeldemartin congrats! i think there's some issues on older safari (getting more common these days), will check out on the computer 👍🏽 love the onboarding style and gradual introduction to pods


@rosano Hey, thanks :D

Do tell me if you find any issues with Safari because I don't even own an Apple device, so I have no idea if the app even works there :/ Which I guess it should because it's just a web app, but you know xD

@noeldemartin i can but honestly more and more things are breaking in older safari (i think usually react-based stuff), i even switched to firefox on the desktop because of this

@rosano @noeldemartin given its decreasing stature on the Web, it's a little nuts that Apple doesn't make Safari available on other platforms (or that Safari isn't just open source, for that matter...)

I guess they feel that the upside of sales through forcing pro Web devs to buy their hardware for testing outweighs the risks of Safari users being neglected? Not sure they've got the math right at this point...

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