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@noeldemartin Re traumatic upgrades: have you heard of Fedora Silverblue? I switched after years of Ubuntu, and it's mostly the same, except updates are no longer traumatic. The idea is that the system itself is an immutable base image, which just gets replaced wholesale during an update (and can be rolled back to the old image if needed). That does require a couple of changes to other workflows, but I found that to be mostly manageable and not too much to learn.

Might be worth checking out!

@VincentTunru Hey thanks, it sound interesting but that isn't my problem with upgrades. I always format to start from scratch, and I like that. The traumatic part is that I want to install or use something I was relying on, but it's not available anymore :(. I don't think Fedora Silverblue solves that, right? The idea of rolling back is nice, but if I'd be willing to do that I could just stay in the same version of Ubuntu forever xD I don't for security concerns and such.

@noeldemartin Ah no indeed, it mainly solves upgrade breakage. It does lean heavily into Flatpak, which solves it to some extent, and integrates nicely with Podman, which can help you run stuff that's incompatible with your particular distro, but both of those work elsewhere too.

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