@dajbelshaw He published something months ago that in my mind is very related, maybe even explains why it's so hard to talk about systems within organisations: seths.blog/2020/05/what-kind-o

So, is finally out and looking great! And I'm so happy they skipped the "N" for the naming and went with One Piece! :D Now that sticker on my laptop is even more suitable!

@craigmaloney @andycuccaro @vinnl And funny enough, I've been for holidays a couple of weeks and there is no way I'd had read this blog post without your RSS feed :).

@craigmaloney @andycuccaro @vinnl I agree with the problem, but at least in this example there is light at the end of the tunnel! Github has built-in functionality to generate RSS feeds, so you don't need to contact the author of that blog.

Subscribe to this url: `github.com/{user}/{repository}/commits/{branch}/{path-to-file-or-folder?}.atom`

It is not ideal, but I use it for a couple of repositories and it's better than nothing.

@tychi @dajbelshaw Awesome, thanks :)

I started to get into Solid almost at the same time that I started working in the open (very much inspired by Doug!) So my whole journey is documented starting here: noeldemartin.com/tasks/impleme

Let me know if you want me to fill in some gaps. And sorry for the rambling, these journals are not very structured :).

@vinnl 😱 What's interesting is how little that error told us about certificates :/ In any case, I have planned to improve error handling in the next iteration (which honestly, I hadn't paid much attention to πŸ˜…).

I'm glad that it's fixed :D

RSS + SRS = RSSRS? I enjoy podcasts and blogs, but sometimes I feel like they go over my head. There's also recency bias. I save my favourite ones thinking I'll go back to them, but I never do. So I've been thinking it'd be nice to build a tool to help with that. Maybe someday.

@dajbelshaw I have no idea what they do, but I don't think any settings will change the initial size of the Javascript bundle :(. I was already saying "no" to notifications (so I assume they didn't do anything else in my session) and the initial payload was around 60kb. Unfortunately, that's the standard way how things are done, in the same way that it's standard to use tracking and analytics. So unless you find a minimalist solution like the theme, I doubt that it'll be optimal.

@dajbelshaw Yeah that's probably what the other plugin used under the hood. I don't know of any alternatives because I don't use WordPress a lot, but I'm sure there has to be some lightweight options, I wouldn't go so low level if you can help it.

@dajbelshaw Hey since you're going hardcore on this, you could look into the plug-in you're using for push notifications :) I don't know how many people uses them, but last time I checked it was the heaviest asset on your blog. It's also inefficient because it could be loaded only after someone says "yes" to push notifications.

@vinnl That line finishes properly because the progress message was updated in your screenshot, so it's probably something happening inside resolveMediaContainers. That has a lot of Solid stuff going on, so it's also possible that the error is in some of the libraries I've used for the Solid interaction. I'll try to make a build without the worker thread and let you know, maybe that'll at least be more specific with the error.

Thanks for looking into this!

@vinnl Nice, I didn't know you could do that with Solid :D I've looked at your data and I didn't see anything out of the ordinary :/

I enabled source maps, but I haven't used any Generator so maybe it's something in a dependency. The entry point for the worker thread is here github.com/NoelDeMartin/media-

@vinnl That's interesting, how can I read your data from my webId? My WebID is `data.noeldemartin.com/profile/.

Here's another idea, try logging in in this dev deployment. The JS is not minimized so maybe you can see a different error. media-kraken.netlify.app

@vinnl I got the error report but it doesn't tell me anything that I didn't see in that screenshot already :(. It is really strange because that looks like a syntax error and I should be getting the same since we have the same environment. I still have to try using the containers setup to see if I can reproduce it that way.

@vinnl Hey, I just released a new version with opt-in error reporting, if you want to try again in Firefox adding `?error_reporting=on` to the url maybe I can get more info about that problem. If you do it, make sure that trackers are not blocking requests to Sentry and also check that it's using v0.1.3 (I've added the version number to the loading screen as well).

Two of my favourite bloggers, @dajbelshaw and Abhishek Chakraborty, just wrote on the importance of writing. I should really get started writing those 62 blog ideas I have on my backlog... πŸ™ˆ

- dougbelshaw.com/blog/2020/07/2
- coffeeandjunk.com/writing-thin

@nolan What's your opinion of Cypress? I think they address these two issues rather well. Maybe not so much the "slow" part given that they run on a real browser, but the speed is decent, I never feel the drag while developing.

After some months of side-project work, here's my new app. If you don't have a Solid POD, data will be stored locally and you can upgrade to Solid when you're ready! Media Kraken will help you keep track of your media, starting with movies in v0.1. noeldemartin.github.io/media-k

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