@VincentTunru I just learned a new term that may be useful (as long as it doesn't become a target), "cyclomatic complexity". Not sure how easy it is to calculate, though.


@dajbelshaw @epilepticrabbit I'm trying to see where the timestamps are defined but it doesn't appear anywhere on the RSS feed, so I think the metadata is embedded on the audio file. I have never done it myself, but it seems like these are called "chapters", searching for "podcast chapters" online there seem to be some articles explaining it. Sorry if I can't be more useful πŸ™ˆ .

@dajbelshaw @epilepticrabbit I think it's fine if you don't overthink it, I wouldn't say that's the reason why I liked it. I liked the other episodes as well, it's just that I found all those insights into coops very interesting because I know almost nothing about them :).

And about topic markers, unfortunately not many do it well :(. Which is why when I see someone using them it's great! One example of a podcast that has it is this one designdetails.fm/

@dajbelshaw @epilepticrabbit I just finished listening to all 6! I'm enjoying the podcast, and I'm looking forward to next season :D. Not to be boring, but the one I enjoyed the most is the first one when you talked about different types of coops. It's also nice that you sometimes have guests and sometimes you don't. And something to improve, it'd be nice to have topic timestamps (sorry Laura xD). I don't always listen to episodes in one go, and it is useful to know where to stop :).

@rosano Thanks :) Well, I played guitar but I haven't played for a while now. I'll probably pick it up at some point... It may take more than 10 years though, because I have many other things I want to do now xD

@VincentTunru Nice, I didn't know you also had a 4-day workweek :D.

And yes, I saved that toot when I saw it because I knew it'd come in handy :). I totally agree with it.

Today makes 10 years since I started my journey as a developer! Here's what it's been like and what I've learned. noeldemartin.com/blog/10-years

@VincentTunru I see, that's a bummer yes :(.

But as I understand it, lists don't have to use blank nodes, do they? Only the shorthand turtle syntax does. Instead of using `_:b0`, I could just write `<-123456>` in those examples and it should work right?

@h3artbl33d I self-host my personal website, my personal Mastodon instance, and my personal Solid POD (solidproject.org). All on a DigitalOcean droplet, using Docker.

Like #RSS? Know #CSS? I created a tool to generate RSS feeds from arbitrary websites using CSS selectors.
And it's called... Feed me up, Scotty!


@rosano Hey! Thanks for announcing it, and posting it in the Solid forum, that's where I saw it. It was fun :).

@Madmonkey Probably the best resources out there are laracasts and the official documentation, which is great. I'd also suggest that you try to do a small project with it, learn by doing :).


Laravel turned 10 years old today!

I can honestly say that Laravel is the single piece of software that has inspired me the most in my programming career. I can't imagine my life as a developer without Laravel, thank you Taylor and the rest of the awesome Laravel community. Here's to another 10 years 🍻.

@dajbelshaw I also listened to the first one and enjoyed it! It was interesting to learn about all the types of cooperatives, I didn't know there were so many around :)

@vinnl Recently, I've been wondering how many people actually use RSS :/. It's so ingrained in my workflow that I take it for granted, but I'm not sure how many people actually use it. I've been pondering if it'd make sense to create an automated newsletter or something from my feeds for people who don't use it.

Berserk manga spoiler 

RIP Kentaro Miura.

Even though he left us too soon, the Golden Age arc will always be one my favorite in manga. We won't get the redemption, but in a way it's fitting.


@dajbelshaw The image could be optimized to weight almost nothing (specially because it's in B&W), and the font is something users will have to download anyways most of the time as soon as they click a link to another section. And it can also be optimized by removing characters you don't use.

But I know this is not what "keep the current one" means, because you're probably using different libraries/plugins. But I don't think design should be constrained to page weight, most of the time.

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