@pukkamustard so far I'm only tracking movies and I'm using schema.org. Eventually I would like to track tv shows, books, manga/comics, music, etc. But I can't say for sure, I prefer to have short-term goals and see how it evolves

Here's a sneak peek of the media tracker I'm working on! I've probably spent more time than I should implementing some animations, but I'm happy with the results! noeldemartin.com/tasks/impleme

I love styling with TailwindCSS and I've learned a lot about colors and design systems using it. Today I created a simple PWA to help building color palettes with it, check it out. noeldemartin.github.io/tailwin

I joined moodle.com 3 months ago, and now I can say that I am very happy to be working here. I struggled to find a company with values that I share, but now that I have I'm looking forward to being here for a long time :).

@vinnl Yes I agree :)

I wasn't too familiar with the Type Registry but I've been using it for a new app I'm developing and I'll probably use it going forward. In Solid Focus I'm specifically looking for `lifecycle:TaskGroup` containers in the root of the storage, and I use all the lifecycle vocab for relationships between tasks/containers.

@vinnl There is a couple of things I need to improve: Adding and reading from the Type Registry and giving "power users" more control over where to store them, like /public, /private, /inbox, etc. The last one is tricky, because I don't want to confuse users who don't know much about Solid, so I'm not doing anything about it for now.

@vinnl Yes sure :)

That's what workspaces are for, and why they are "special" lists. When users create a Workspace in the UI, that creates a new `ldp:Container` in the root of the storage that I got from `pim:storage` and I use the workspace name to create a slug. Inbox tasks are direct children of this workspace container, and you can create lists within which are also containers for tasks.

@vinnl Hi there :) If you read the description of the deck I have a brief explanation of the slides. This in particular is what you'd ask users in the "log in" screen, instead of logging into your application, you ask them where they want the data to be stored and ask for permissions. I actually use this package to achieve that: github.com/solid/solid-auth-cl

Tomorrow afternoon I'm giving a lightning talk at where I'll explain how I built a Task Manager using the protocol, come say hi if you're around! blockchainspirit.splashthat.co

I just found out that most wireless mouse controllers have a hidden compartment next to the batteries to store the USB stick 🀯

@imacrea Yeah I agree, that's why I said "the closest thing", but I guess fosdem is not the best place to find that :/

@vinnl So far I haven't got to watchlists, but it's something I want to do for sure. I am already using schema.org for the models, so maybe I'll find something there for watchlists as well :).

I just created an RSS feed of my /now page! I haven't been very active in my blog, but I've kept updating this, so subscribe if you want see what I'm up to! noeldemartin.com/now/rss.xml

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