I've always had a bad relationship with feedback, because I tend to take good feedback for granted and I just care about "bad" feedback (meaning that it's actionable and helps me improve). But I know others are not like that, and you should always keep in mind that not everyone thinks the same way you do when communicating. That's the difficult part.

I read that post, and it was really helpful to me! Some time ago I read the book "How to Win Friends and Influence People", which is in line with the ideas on this article. But I tend to forget these things after a while πŸ˜… It's specially difficult with interactions on the Internet, because they're more impersonal. So It's good to continue being reminded :).

@baldur I also use RSS extensively, I even treat Mastodon as a feed using lists :) Btw, to that article I'd add that Github has much better RSS support than it mentions noeldemartin.social/@noeldemar

I'm really happy to be sponsoring Anthony Fu, he's done a lot of excellent work in many areas. And I didn't even know he wasn't doing it full-time until now. If you didn't know him, check him out: antfu.me

@hector Yeah, it has some advantages for sure, but also some trade-offs. I've been using LastPass for a while which is using this paradigm of storing the passwords somewhere, so I'll try LessPass to see how it goes. In the end, if I ever forget any of the seed data I can always reset the password. I don't keep really important passwords (the ones that cannot be reset by email) on these services.

@hector Looking briefly on their site it looks like there is actually a database with your passwords, somewhere. The beauty of LessPass is that it is stateless, so my passwords aren't stored anywhere :) They are generated each time using a combination of multiple things (the site I'm trying to log in, my "master password", etc.)




We are looking for a UX/UI designer in the Mobile Apps team at Moodle! We are a small team based in Barcelona (working remotely), you'd be working with me on a daily basis. Check it out if you're interested. apply.workable.com/moodle/j/A2

@vinnl Yeah I know what you mean, I wish personal domains were natural to our digital citizenship and not something that only geeks do. I struggle with this myself, I don't have everything under my domain even though I'd like to πŸ˜…

@vinnl And I think the main advantage of having an instance-of-one is not about the server, but about the domain. I am running this in DigitalOcean now, but tomorrow I can open a mastohost account or pay someone to host it for me, without anyone noticing.

@vinnl Personally, I'd go for something like mastohost if I wanted it hustle-free (although I started running my instance 2 years ago and I've dedicated less than 4 hours to maintenance).

For most people, I believe the best would be to use an instance from someone they trust. Ideally, I wouldn't like an instance bigger than 150 users (Dunbar's number).

@colby Yeah Autonomous Data is not the same as Solid, but I have to say that I thought about it before I knew that Solid existed. Once I found about Solid, I thought the vision was so close that I'd focus my efforts on that instead of building my own thing. It's still useful to keep in mind though, maybe some day I'll do something more with it. But not in the foreseeable future.

@colby Hey, following up on this. I've created a repo with my list of movies and it works with Media Kraken :). I didn't have to modify anything in the app for this to work!


If you missed my presentation about Media Kraken, here's the recording! Thanks to everyone who attended, and to the organizers for inviting me! vimeo.com/508623332#t=666

is starting in 10 minutes! I'll be talking about my app: Media Kraken. Come by if you want to ask any live questions! If you can't make it, there'll be a recording :) eventbrite.com/e/solid-world-t

@colby And I pointed you to the forum because if you want to share your opinion with the Solid community, that's the best place to do it at the moment. And that's what I think you were trying to do with your comments, because it doesn't seem like the issues you're mentioning are unique to Media Kraken. Of course, I appreciate your feedback about my app and I'll look into it.

@colby It's ok, nothing wrong with sharing your opinion :).

I kind of agree that it's advancing slowly, but I've been "in the loop" for 2 years and at least I can say it is advancing. I see a lot more people around today than I did at the beginning. And the project hasn't been going on that many years. Yes, "Solid" as a concept has existed for a while. But the Solid community and the intention to push it forward are not that old. It was a research project for a long time.

@colby Maybe you should open a post about this on forum.solidproject.org, that way others who know more about Solid than me can also chip in :) I'll check out that POLP thing.

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