Remember that next week I'll be giving my talk on at FOSDEM! The schedule has changed since I announced it, make sure to be there at the right time if you planned on attending :D. There will also be a recording if you miss it live!

@rosano Hey, thanks :D

Do tell me if you find any issues with Safari because I don't even own an Apple device, so I have no idea if the app even works there :/ Which I guess it should because it's just a web app, but you know xD

It's here!

After working on it for a long time, I'm finally ready to release my new app: Umai 😋️

Can't wait to see your recipes 👨‍🍳️

@aftd @danbri @andy Yes, apps can talk directly to Pods.

Actually, in my opinion, that's how most (if not all) Solid Apps should behave :).

In case you want to play around with some, I've made a couple that behave this way:


I submitted a talk proposal for FOSDEM, and I'm glad to announce that it's been accepted 🥳! FOSDEM will be held the 4th & 5th of February in Brussels.

I hope to see you there :D.






Also, thanks to @moodle for the purchase! I got it using EduCash, a training allowance they give to employees.

After 10+ years of making websites, you'd think I already know CSS. But I just signed up for Josh W. Comeau's course and I'm sure I will learn a lot!

You should check it out, and you can follow my experience taking the course in my website:

I never thought I'd say this, but I just learned about a Mastodon feature reading a Seth Godin blog post. Good times :D.

(I learned about the /explore page, no idea it existed)

I also seems like he's going to do something with Mastodon, which is great.

@martijn @aral I also have a similar situation. I've been running my instance-of-one and I haven't had any performance issues. But of course, I know that's because I don't have that many connections.

So when I read @aral's post I found it very interesting, and I wonder if he's got any thoughts on pleroma or other projects. After all, that's one of the nice things about the fediverse. Different use-cases can leverage different implementations instead of having a one-size-fits-all solution.

@martijn @aral Came here to ask the same thing :)

Now that hopefully the load has decreased 🤞, can you share your thoughts on pleroma? I've also heard the performance is better for instances-of-one.

@marqle Yes, it is compatible because it uses the ActivityPub protocol under the hood, which is what makes Mastodon's federation work :).

There are also many other projects compatible with Mastodon: Pixelfed, Misskey, etc. All these applications are referred to as "the fediverse", so you can search for that if you're interested in learning more.

Personally I've only had experience with Mastodon, though.

If you're still worried about scalability, I've heard that scales even better for instances-of-one.

In any case, I hope this was useful to someone, and see you in the fediverse!

The only thing I've had to do on a regular basis is running the following command: `tootctl media remove`. And it's so rarely that I haven't even bothered scheduling it (even renewing SSL certificates is more annoying).

I also migrated servers once, whilst keeping the same domain. And it was also easier than expected:

I guess that's because I don't have that many following/followers (117/781). But that's probably most people's situation anyways.

I know, I know. Not everyone is going to host their own instance. But for someone who has some tech skills and is already hosting something like their personal website, this could be easier than they expect.

I've been running all my websites on a 10$ Digital Ocean droplet and it's been mostly hands-off.

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