@dajbelshaw The image could be optimized to weight almost nothing (specially because it's in B&W), and the font is something users will have to download anyways most of the time as soon as they click a link to another section. And it can also be optimized by removing characters you don't use.

But I know this is not what "keep the current one" means, because you're probably using different libraries/plugins. But I don't think design should be constrained to page weight, most of the time.

@dajbelshaw I actually voted for sticking with the one you've got, but here's the catch.

I think 1024 is just an arbitrary number, and I don't see the point on trying to stay under that particular one. I think you should strive to make the design that you like as efficient as possible. And looking at your current one, it doesn't seem like it'd take a lot of resources. You could do it with the image, the font, and very little CSS/JS.

@dajbelshaw I see, I didn't even notice, but it seems like these are water-resistant. I've been using them for years, including for sport, and I haven't had any issues.

The only thing I'm missing is knowing the battery %. They have good battery life, but when it's running out it says an annoying "battery low" message every 30 seconds xD. I tried some apps a while ago and they didn't quite work... Maybe it's time to try again :).

@dajbelshaw I actually prefer bluetooth earphones with wires! These are the ones I use, and they are great because you get all the benefits of bluetooth (no tangling of wires), and you can keep them hanging on your neck when you remove them. They are supposed to be for sport, but I use them all the time :) (except at home of course).

@humanetech Hey, how did you request it? I see that some people has already been accepted, but I couldn't find your toot requesting access. It should be something like this: mastodon.social/@madnificent/1

Also, I just found out that you can convert that post to a PDF using your browser's built-in functionality and it looks pretty good. I had to do some tweaks to make it work, but it was almost effortless.

A great example of technology working as it should :).

@humanetech @vinnl Yes, give it some time and if you're still not approved you can ask the moderators. I joined different lists a while ago and I was accepted in all of them, so I don't think they reject anyone.

@dajbelshaw @epilepticrabbit @robert @Downes Some months ago I switched to using lists both here and the bird site, and I treat those as RSS feeds. I'm very pleased with the experience so far :).

@aral I've added the header to my sites, but I couldn't do it for my apps because they are hosted on Github Pages... Maybe it is time to give render.com a try.

If you don't want Google Chrome to track people visiting your site (yes, even if you don't use Google Analytics), check this out: fosstodon.org/@plausible/10606

@Madmonkey So far I'm using GitHub pages, but once it's released I'd like it to work anywhere since it's only static assets, there is no server-side code. You could potentially download a zip file and host it anywhere :) It's not ready yet, and I don't recommend using it in production, but you can find the work in progress here github.com/noeldemartin/umai

@Madmonkey You mean where is the app hosted? Or where do I host my personal Solid POD?

I've been working on my next app, recently I've been playing with some interesting concepts. What if you could use it completely offline, and sync all the changes with your POD when you're back online?

Jackson Morgan has been posting a series of videos about , and the last one features Media Kraken!

If you're getting started with Solid or want to learn more, you should check them out!


@aral You can actually create templates in GitHub as well, I haven't used them myself but I saw it some time ago in this repo: github.com/antfu/vitesse

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