@billbsb Thank you :). At the moment I'm tinkering with Nextcloud and one of the things I'm looking into is using it as a Solid POD, but I'm not working on any new Solid Apps at the moment. Although I will probably do once I'm done with this :). You can follow what I'm doing in noeldemartin.com/now

@rosano To be honest, I'm not good at drawing either xD. But I learned a trick a while ago which is to start drawing on top of an existing image :). I did know how to use Photoshop though, but you could do something like this with any graphic design program. It's just a matter of adding layers one after another and retouching until it looks decent.

This is the picture I used as a base:

@rosano You can actually se my hand "drawing it" in my header (which I just realized was broken in Mastodon πŸ™ˆ ). But I drew it with photoshop, not by hand xD.

@rosano Yes :) Did you think it was auto-generated by a program or something?

@rosano πŸ˜‚ I'm always thinking that I should remake it some day, but in a way I like its weirdness xD

Yes please! More lifetime, and less subscriptions. And not just for content sites, I've been using apps for years that I haven't paid a cent because of the subscription model. But I would buy them in an instant. Don't underestimate "finished products".


If you enjoyed The Social Dilemma documentary, I recommend watching this: The A.I. Dilemma


@VincentTunru Hey thanks, it sound interesting but that isn't my problem with upgrades. I always format to start from scratch, and I like that. The traumatic part is that I want to install or use something I was relying on, but it's not available anymore :(. I don't think Fedora Silverblue solves that, right? The idea of rolling back is nice, but if I'd be willing to do that I could just stay in the same version of Ubuntu forever xD I don't for security concerns and such.

If you've wanted to follow the updates in my website but couldn't be bothered to subscribe through RSS, you can now subscribe with email!

Check it out: world.hey.com/noeldemartin/hey

@android10 I'm curious about something though. You're using Synology for file syncing (first time I hear about it). Did you consider NextCloud or do you have any reasons why it's better/worse? That's the one I'm thinking on using :) In particular, I'm thinking on having a hybrid cloud/homelab setup (most files in the homelab, some folders synced across cloud/local). Not sure if it even makes sense, but that's the idea I have in mind at the moment.

@android10 That's awesome, thanks for sharing :D. I was thinking on doing something similar myself, but I was totally thinking on using Docker and not even looking at Kubernetes. Among other things because I don't know anything about it, and I've heard enough people saying it's overkill for most projects that I don't even want to spend any time learning it.

If you ever wanted to build a #Solid App you might be interested in participating in #Inrupt's April 2023 #hackathon an even win a prize inrupt.com/event/solid-hackath

Good to say it out loud in case someone needs to hear it. Many OSS devs lost a third or more of their sponsors. Don't doubt yourself. The ongoing crisis and GitHub removing Paypal as a payment option are possible reasons. We appreciate you! Thanks a ton for what you do πŸ’œ

Also, be careful if you're using faker-js because it is not tree-shakeable either! I found out about this because using it in one of my tests increased my production bundle to 3MB O.o github.com/faker-js/faker/issu

none of my libraries were actually tree-shakeable because I wasn't declaring "sideEffect": true in the package.json πŸ˜…οΈ

I'm going to and next week in Barcelona, is someone I know going as well?

(Or even if I don't know you but you want to chat! :D)

@deadsuperhero @smallcircles @andy Hey thanks for the ping! (and thanks Sean for the nice comments on my apps :D)

I've written some follow up on codeberg in case anyone's interested to see my opinion on some of these things: codeberg.org/postmodern/hubris

@smallcircles @gabriel @panda The Data Utility Company (the ones in charge of introducing Solid PODs in Belgium) did a presentation about what they're doing last year, you can check it out if you want to learn what they're doing vimeo.com/709214424#t=610

I watched it a long time ago, but I seem to recall they're giving PODs to each citizen but are vetting which apps can be used, so it's not as good as we'd like but at least it's Solid so it opens to door for more interoperability in the future.

There is no need to be afraid of creating your own vocabulary for #solid apps. If you do traditional JSON you are actually inventing your own terms all the time without thinking about it. With #RDF you still can use your own terms but you don't have to reinvent the wheel by reusing schema.org and others where applicable.


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