I found this podcast episode really interesting! And I have to say, I was gladly surprised for once by Facebook and Google. Sadly, not so much by Amazon and others.


@dajbelshaw Yeah, something I'm not completely buying is that people appreciate the ads. I mean, I appreciate some of his ads, but I don't appreciate hearing them 50 times because they are on every episode. I also don't appreciate that I'm only hearing recommendations for companies that can afford being sponsors on a podcast like that. I guess people just prefer "free" and the appreciation of the ads is being used as an excuse.

@dajbelshaw Yeah, I'm sure whatever he got was enough to sustain the podcast, even if it was less than the ads. But he said he may publish a post someday talking about it in detail, so we'll see. It'll also be interesting to see the next Q&A :).

Well, that didn't last :/ Frankly, I still prefer the supported model for many reasons, but I guess I'm in the minority tim.blog/2019/07/11/why-im-sto

Some days ago I found a package to finally replace momentjs (it weights too much): github.com/iamkun/dayjs Worked like a charm so far!

Ok, I just realized github issues and PRs cannot have the same number because their ids are generated from each other (if you create an issue and then a PR they'll be issue #1 and PR #2) 🀯

devs, how would you fix this? The animation is triggered with CSS when the content disappears, but that's not nice. I've created a component I'm calling "Freezable": gist.github.com/NoelDeMartin/7

I've started backing Tim Ferriss with a monthly subscription and I couldn't be happier. I've been consuming his content for years, and I'm glad that many are starting to move away from the sponsorship/advertisement model.

@dajbelshaw @daibarnes Yeah I agree, that's why I don't do interviews just for practice, but maybe I should.

I'll check that guide out, thanks!

@daibarnes @dajbelshaw listening to the TIDE podcast, I'm wondering about what you mentioned on interview practice. I agree that it's useful, but I dread interviews so much. Not the interviews, but all the "work" related with applying (looking for offers, learning about the company, preparing a cover letter/introduction email, going to the interview if it's in person, etc). What's your opinion on that? Or do you think it's ok to apply without any preparation if it's "just for practice"?

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Wow, listening to Mozilla's IRL podcast I just found out that Pokemon Go is also surveillance capitalism, because they have partnerships with companies such as McDonald's that'll pay them for bringing customers by placing strategic pokestops 😱 irlpodcast.org/season4/episode

@tgall Yeah I agree with you, I'm just not interpreting their words to go against that.

@tgall I agree with you, but what I understand is more simple like that. They want people to start using Solid. To make Solid apps, people need to know how to code. And yes, anyone can learn to code. But that's what I mean with "expertise", you need to have some experience to start making apps.

Maybe they could have phrased it better.

@tgall Well I don't even agree with the idea of "brightest minds" existing at all, what I understand with that statement is that they want "experts" to apply their expertise to Solid, from whatever field they come from.

I'm sure they welcome anyone as part of the conversation and to join the community.

But anyways what do I know, you should ask them :) I've been asking questions on their gitter channel and they are usually very responsive.

@tgall Why is it a contradiction? Can't the brightest minds be made up of a diverse community?

@tootbrute Well it's a start. Would be nice to see them enforce it instead of fining though, they probably make more money than what they have to pay for.

Thanks for the link!

We've had some months of now. Do we know of any case where it's been enforced or punished with fines? Or will it become one of those regulations that people ignore?

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