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Ok migration done! It was easier than expected πŸ˜€.

So I moved from Ubuntu 16.04 to 18.04 using a new machine. I use docker so I didn't have to rebuild the database, I just copied the files over.

Some stats:

- It took ~1 hour of work.
- In roughly 2 weeks that I've been in Mastodon, my instance has accumulated ~932MB of media and ~19MB database.
- I have not noticed the "downtime" at all, If anyone talked to me or something let me know, but I don't think it happened.

Well I am going to migrate my instance from Ubuntu 16.04 to 18.04, so it may be down for a while, or something weird may happen.

But since it's fun, feel free to interact with me anyways, just to see what happens :P Keep in mind I may not receive it though.

@Gargron Hey I just heard the changelog podcast where you talk about Mastodon. I feel like I get a better grasp of the community now, but when you talk about what instances are and how they are centered about a "community" or "interests", you did not mention instances of one and what part they play on the ecosystem. Is that because that use-case doesn't happen a lot? Or what do you think about them?

JavaScript is like salt. If you add just enough salt to a dish, it’ll help make the flavour awesome. Add too much though, and you’ll completely ruin it.

Similarly, if you add just enough JavaScript to your website, it’ll help make it awesome. Add too much though, and you’ll completely ruin it.

Lately when I read or hear a statement from a company including the word "nuanced", whatever follows is bullshit.

Why do most APIs from big companies have congruency issues? I would think the bigger a company is, the most important having a solid data model is.

"How mad is he who leaves the lecture-room in a happy frame of mind simply because of applause from the ignorant!" - Seneca

"I'm still an amateur. But the world's full of people who don't seem to be as good as I am." - Musashi (by Eiji Yoshikawa)

Have your own standards.

"What if every file in your dependencies could be guaranteed to be bit-by-bit identical to what’s on the registry?" -- Does that mean they are NOT identical at the moment!?

I executed `sudo chown noel:noel / -R` by mistake some months ago (instead of `sudo chown noel:noel ./ -R`) and I still haven't formatted my computer. Since then, weird stuff happens every now and then, but at this point I'm just letting it be out of curiosity 🀷

Wow, I just got a Facebook ad... Not an ad from Facebook, an ad advertising Facebook

Time to make an !

My name is Noel and I am a developer with a mission to create work that makes the world a better place.

You can find more about me on my website & blog:

Most of my toots and boosts will probably talk about , and .

Other of my interests are , , , , , , , etc.

Hi guys! @aral @laura @dajbelshaw @mayel I just created my instance and you're everyone I know here, any recommendations on who to follow or an easy way to find who I follow in the birdsite here? 😜

Noel's Mastodon is one server in the network