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When I started using it, it was a bit uncomfortable. No notifications by default? I won't see all emails in my "Inbox"?, etc. But after the first couple of days, I realized the discomfort came from FOMO and bad habits. It's great now. JOMO, Joy Of Missing Out.

If you don't know anything about HEY, you should check out the features tour. It is a great overview that highlights many of their unique features.

I have been using HEY for a week now, here's a thread with my first impressions πŸ‘‡

Ok I just gave the code to! Patience for the rest, if you signed up yours should be arriving soon :). If it's any consolation, I didn't get and I don't think my name is that common. So I wouldn't worry about getting your first name either.

I've got a invite code to give away, anyone who I know wants it? Free, of course, no payment shenanigans :D

that in most SQL engines the condition `category != 'movies'` will not return rows where the category is NULL, you should do `category != 'movies' OR category IS NULL` instead.

The other day I was saying it'd be nice to have an app that mimics the way that conversations happen in conferences/meetups. Today I found one that's very close to what I had in mind!

That CSS pixels are not equivalent to device pixels in high resolution screens. So <img width="300" height="300"> can actually be rendered as 600x600px in some devices.

The best podcast app I've used and this happens :( Of course, it'd be easy for me to say "upload it to a different appstore". But is that even a real choice for a business owner? I really hope that the future is decentralized. More technology like RSS and email please.

Here's an idea: A video call application where participants can make conversation groups on the fly and organically. Like Zoom's breakout rooms, but managed by the participants and visible to everybody in the "master room".

that display:flex in the body breaks pagination when printing websites in Firefox :/ use display:block instead.

Which is better?

I've been searching for the Javascript equivalent of Laravel's tap helper and I couldn't find it, so I ended up doing it myself. Here's my version in Javascript & Typescript!

that Github Actions logs expire, and I wasn't able to find when. I had been switching to them in all my repositories for convenience, but this is a blocker for me. Back to SemaphoreCI it is.

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