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If you don't want Google Chrome to track people visiting your site (yes, even if you don't use Google Analytics), check this out:

I've been working on my next app, recently I've been playing with some interesting concepts. What if you could use it completely offline, and sync all the changes with your POD when you're back online?

Jackson Morgan has been posting a series of videos about , and the last one features Media Kraken!

If you're getting started with Solid or want to learn more, you should check them out!

Hey, this month's Solid Networking event is starting in 15 minutes and I'll be there, come join us :)

Mind you, this app has no server-side component, which is the excuse most companies use to justify subscriptions. That's one of the big lies of the current ecosystem, that server costs warrant an ongoing subscription. Projects like Solid and Unhosted show that isn't the only way.

JotterPad, a perfectly good app I've been using for years (and paid for) recently switched to a subscription model.

Did I want any new features? No.

Can I continue using the version I purchased, without getting any new updates? No.

The software industry is broken.

I'm really happy to be sponsoring Anthony Fu, he's done a lot of excellent work in many areas. And I didn't even know he wasn't doing it full-time until now. If you didn't know him, check him out:




We are looking for a UX/UI designer in the Mobile Apps team at Moodle! We are a small team based in Barcelona (working remotely), you'd be working with me on a daily basis. Check it out if you're interested.

If you missed my presentation about Media Kraken, here's the recording! Thanks to everyone who attended, and to the organizers for inviting me!

is starting in 10 minutes! I'll be talking about my app: Media Kraken. Come by if you want to ask any live questions! If you can't make it, there'll be a recording :)

Are you a developer and do you want to share lists of movies with your friends? Check out Media Kraken Viewer:

This week's side project might be useful for Solid developers. It's called Penny, and it allows you to inspect and manipulate data in your Pod.

Give it a try here, and let me know what you think: #Solid #SolidProject

When did Google start asking for this to watch age-restricted videos? (And how does having a credit card prove that I'm an adult?)

One new tip for this year.

If you do New Year Resolutions, you should also do Last Year Achievements.

You'll be surprised of how many things you achieved that weren't in your resolutions but are worthy of them.

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