Well, that didn't last :/ Frankly, I still prefer the supported model for many reasons, but I guess I'm in the minority tim.blog/2019/07/11/why-im-sto


@dajbelshaw Yeah, I'm sure whatever he got was enough to sustain the podcast, even if it was less than the ads. But he said he may publish a post someday talking about it in detail, so we'll see. It'll also be interesting to see the next Q&A :).

@noeldemartin Once there's a precedent set for high-value things to be available for free, it's a difficult sell to get people to pay for them, I guess.

@dajbelshaw Yeah, something I'm not completely buying is that people appreciate the ads. I mean, I appreciate some of his ads, but I don't appreciate hearing them 50 times because they are on every episode. I also don't appreciate that I'm only hearing recommendations for companies that can afford being sponsors on a podcast like that. I guess people just prefer "free" and the appreciation of the ads is being used as an excuse.

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