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Are you a developer and do you want to share lists of movies with your friends? Check out Media Kraken Viewer:

This week's side project might be useful for Solid developers. It's called Penny, and it allows you to inspect and manipulate data in your Pod.

Give it a try here, and let me know what you think: #Solid #SolidProject

When did Google start asking for this to watch age-restricted videos? (And how does having a credit card prove that I'm an adult?)

One new tip for this year.

If you do New Year Resolutions, you should also do Last Year Achievements.

You'll be surprised of how many things you achieved that weren't in your resolutions but are worthy of them.

I've made a simple app to test compatibility with different PODs, if it doesn't work with your Solid account please let me know by opening an issue!

Seneca's "On Discursiveness in Reading" is one of my favourite letters of his, and I feel the same way about programming. When I find a technology I like, I'd rather stick with it than learning something new.

I've recently been extracting some helper methods from different projects into a utils package, and I came up with a Fluent API to combine custom helpers with built-in methods. It was fun to make it fully typed as well :D.

There is such thing as TypeScript tests (meaning, tests that validate the correctness of your TypeScript definitions). Here are some examples from Vue 3:

Also, check out this repo to learn some advanced TypeScript stuff:

I just released a new version of Media Kraken with some improvements. If you had your Solid POD on solid community and the application stopped working, this update should fix your data and get you back on track!

Check out the release notes for more details:

It seems like this starting to become a reality! (maybe it already was when I tooted this and I didn't know πŸ˜… )

Here's 3 solutions I've found so far:

And some people has recommended, but I'm not sure it has the UX I had in mind.

I started using TailwindCSS a while ago and now I use it everywhere. I was skeptic at first, but it's a perfect pairing with Vue and other component-based frameworks. Now that 2.0 is out it's a great time to give it a chance!

"These machines are the first general purpose computers ever where you have to make an exclusive choice: you can have a fast and efficient machine, or you can have a private one... Short of using an external network filtering device like a travel/vpn router that you can totally control, there will be no way to boot any OS on the new Apple Silicon macs that won’t phone home, and you can’t modify the OS to prevent this."

So, Google Photos will stop providing unlimited storage for free.

Who's surprised about this? Nobody, I hope. I actually believe this is better, but I don't like the bait and switch strategy. Whenever I see news about Google Photos, the story of Everpix comes to mind.

I just finished Caleb Porzio's VSCode course. Improving your workflow doesn't happen overnight, I've been introducing small changes for weeks. It's been a transformative experience, I'll never look at my programming environment the same way. Check it out!

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