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Just saw that my apps Media Kraken and Umai were featured in Tim Berners-Lee's recent keynote at the WeAreDevelopers World Congress :D. Thanks Tim!

The streaming industry is so broken that even though I'm paying for Netflix, I can't watch the One Piece Live Action in the Japanese nor Latin American Spanish dubs.

Can someone remind me why that isn't possible?

I'm back to Barcelona after a couple of months in Japan, and it was great!

It was my first time doing something called a "mini-life", and I think I'll be doing it again. You can read about my experience here:

Ok, false alert, sorry! After double checking actually most links are working and also the #twitter archive contains a field "expanded_url" with the full URL! So the situation is much better than I initially thought.

Thanks for double checking and making me aware
@mittelwertsatz @jonny @brewsterkahle et al.

It is still a big risk, that twitter has the power to wall in those #links

#gatedcommunities #fediverse #web

Now all #twitter links are blocked by twitter login. All #links we ever shared via twitter can not be followed anymore without signing in to twitter, no matter where in the #WWW they point to. Twitter put a gate in front of our links by "shortening" them and now they locked the gate. We never should have given them such power. #gatedcommunities #fediverse #web

I'll be in Tokyo most of July and August, let me know if you're around and want to meet up!

This week I attended and I enjoyed it a lot! It was great to meet a community where Developers, Designers, and Open Source come together. I'll definitively pay more attention to @penpot!

If you're curious, check out the recordings at

I have sent a couple of letters to myself in the future and it's always been useful to see things more clearly. You know, all that about overestimating the short term and underestimating the long term.

I've been using, in case you're curious to try it yourself!

What's going on with at the moment is awesome. I hope it ends well and I hope to see a lot more of this in the future. Ideally, communities will eventually migrate to making better technology choices though. But hey, it's a start.

Yes please! More lifetime, and less subscriptions. And not just for content sites, I've been using apps for years that I haven't paid a cent because of the subscription model. But I would buy them in an instant. Don't underestimate "finished products".

If you enjoyed The Social Dilemma documentary, I recommend watching this: The A.I. Dilemma

If you've wanted to follow the updates in my website but couldn't be bothered to subscribe through RSS, you can now subscribe with email!

Check it out:

If you ever wanted to build a #Solid App you might be interested in participating in #Inrupt's April 2023 #hackathon an even win a prize

Good to say it out loud in case someone needs to hear it. Many OSS devs lost a third or more of their sponsors. Don't doubt yourself. The ongoing crisis and GitHub removing Paypal as a payment option are possible reasons. We appreciate you! Thanks a ton for what you do πŸ’œ

Also, be careful if you're using faker-js because it is not tree-shakeable either! I found out about this because using it in one of my tests increased my production bundle to 3MB O.o

none of my libraries were actually tree-shakeable because I wasn't declaring "sideEffect": true in the package.json πŸ˜…οΈ

I'm going to and next week in Barcelona, is someone I know going as well?

(Or even if I don't know you but you want to chat! :D)

There is no need to be afraid of creating your own vocabulary for #solid apps. If you do traditional JSON you are actually inventing your own terms all the time without thinking about it. With #RDF you still can use your own terms but you don't have to reinvent the wheel by reusing and others where applicable.


Thanks to everyone who attended my talk yesterday, From Zero to Hero with Solid!

If you missed it or want to watch it again you can get the recording here:

(it should eventually appear on the event page but it's taking some time)

Starting in 2 hours! You can catch the livestream in the link below, or watch the recording later on.

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